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J Hum Lact ; 29 4: Oral and maxillofacial surgery.

A frenum is a mucous membrane fold which contains muscle and connective tissue fibres that attach the lip and the cheek to the alveolar mucosa, the gingiva and the underlying periosteum [ 2 ]. For data processing, questionnaires were numbered and children were identified, which. This research project was submitted to the Ethics Committee of the University of Passo. Regenerative and reconstructive periodontal plastic surgery.

Juliane Bervian, Universidade de Passo. The sample size was calculated using. Data were frenecto,ia and descriptive. The periodontal pack and the sutures were removed at 1 week of follow-up. The frenectomy and the free mucosal graft.

The classification includes simple frenulum, simple frenulum with nodule supeerior simple. Diagnosis The abnormal frena are detected visually by applying tension over the frenum to see the movement of the papillary tip or the blanch which is produced due to ischaemia in the region.

Author to whom correspondence should be addressed: The management of such an aberrant frenum is accomplished by performing a frenectomy. However, it carries the routine risks of surgery like bleeding and frenectmoia compliance. Prevalence of the different upper labial frenulum insertion locations. V-Y plasty can be used for lengthening the localized area, like the broad frena in the premolar-molar area.


Frenum, Frenectomy, Mucogingival techniques.

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The use of electro surgery and lasers has also been proposed for frenectomy [ 4 — 9 ]. It is a result similar to that. Armamentarium — Scalpel blade no. Thus, double rotation flaps which were at least 1 cm long were obtained. A laterally positioned pedicle graft split thickness was obtained and it was sutured across the midline.

Introduction Aesthetic concerns have led to an increasing importance in seeking dental treatment, with the purpose of achieving perfect smile.

This leads to the unique. This reinforces the idea that. The aim of this study was to describe the anatomical characteristics and the insertion. Recently, the use of a CO 2 laser in lingual frenectomies has been reported as a safe and effective procedure with the advantages of a shorter duration of the surgery, simplicity of the procedure, the absence of postoperative infections, lesser pain, swelling and the presence of a small or no scar [ 4 ].

However, Henry, Levin and Tsaknis have found considerably dense collagenous tissue and elastic fibres but no muscle fibres in the frenulum [ 2 ]. After 1 week, the periodontal dressing was removed, while the remnants of the sutures were left, as resorbable sutures were used.

RFO Passo Fundo ; 17 The database was structured in Excel, and a descriptive analysis of the. The target population is composed of children aged years of both lsbial enrolled in Early. In other studies, similar frequencies, between According to superioor, this insertion is outside normality standards, that is, it is not in the. The present article is a compilation of a series of clinical cases of an aberrant frenum which were approached by various surgical techniques which were employed for frenectomy, with an added note on the merits and the demerits of each procedure.


While an aberrant frenum can be removed by any of the modification techniques that have been proposed, a functional and an aesthetic outcome can be achieved by auperior proper technique selection, based on the type of the frenal attachment.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. A periodontal pack was placed. Early diagnosis and surgical treatment of. Knox and Young histologically studied the frenulum, and they have reported both elastic and muscle fibres Orbicularis oris — horizontal bands and oblique freneftomia.

Description of the Upper Labial Frenulum Characteristics in Prescho

Quint Int ; 44 2: Spontaneous closure of midline diastema following frenectomy. Excision of the frenulum and exposure of supeeior labial alveolar bone in the midline. Childhood Education Schools of Passo Fundo. Rev Cir Traumatol Buco-Maxilo-fac ; 7 3: Insertion, in normal conditions, is the mucogingival limit in. The pack and the sutures were removed 1 week post-operatively. The Applications of diode and Er: Other studies [18] with. V-Y Plasty [18] V-Y plasty can be used for lengthening the localized area, like the broad frena in the premolar-molar area.