WARFARE. Theory and Practice. David Galula. Foreword by John A. Nagl. PSI Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era. Praeger Security International. Westport. operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book, Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and. Practice, Galula sets a clear mark for planning future COIN. Counterinsurgency Warfare provides the template for the defeat of today’s Galula served as a French military officer in WWII asd afterwords in various outposts.

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David Galula

Yet whatever their differences, both have effective advice for the counterinsurgent, and both of the books should be used warfqre conjunction when planning and preparing for counterinsurgency operations. Galula resigned his commission in to study in the United Stateswhere he obtained a position of research associate at the Center for International Affairs of Harvard University.

There is plenty in it to make one wonder why the U. Counterinsurgency in the Hot Revolutionary War. Shortly before retiring he wrote Counterinsurgency Warfare: Insurgents also decide when and where the conflict will begin, since they become insurgents through their own contentious actions. Galula expertly draws conclusions from his own counterinsurgency experience to craft this “how-to” manual. The population must sympathize with counter insurgent’s cause and voluntarily provide information that will defeat the insurgency.

The first law is that the population is paramount. Although this was written about 60 years ago, there are many parallels with the current situation in Iraq. Though he was fiercely anti-Communist, his captors treated him well and he eventually was released through the help of the Marshall mission.

Destruction of the Insurgent Political Organization. I have to admit, however, that ‘Counter-Insurgency Warfare: This volume in the Praeger Security International PSI series Classics of the Counterinsurgency Era defines the laws of insurgency and outlines the strategy and tactics to combat such wadfare.

This is a short theoretical essay on counterinsurgency war by an expert with ties to the French military. Find out what you can do to help society more constructively handle the intractable conflicts that are making so many problems insoluble.


The insurgent, having no responsibility, is free to use every trick; if counteerinsurgency, he can lie, cheat, exaggerate. Galula would’ve Jomini; but his work suffers from much of the same prescriptive weaknesses.

In addition, I have read many other books on this subject over the last couple of decades. Galula’s laws thus take at face value and recognize the importance of the aphorism, based on the ideas of Mao, that “The people are the sea in which the revolutionary swims. Those willing to actively support a counterinsurgency operation should be supported in their efforts to rally the relatively neutral majority and neutralize the hostile minority.

David Galula – Wikipedia

Strategy of the Counterinsurgency. My library Help Advanced Book Search. There is also much in it to make me think how massive a political failure the Iraq war – and to a good extent, the war in Afghanistan as well – represents. A Historical and Critical Study Limited preview – It’s amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Destroy the local insurgent political organization.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice by David Galula

It is only undisciplined troops who make the people their enemies and who, like the fish out of its native element cannot live. Praeger Security International, Written soon after the failures of the French in Vietnam and Algeria, it is heavily influenced by population-centric approaches which see winning the locals as the ultimate and galulx prize.

An insurgency can only succeed by building on the population’s real grievances. They can act directly on the insurgent leaders, they can act indirectly on the conditions that are propitious to an insurgency, they can infiltrate the insurgent movement, or they can reinforce their own “Political Machine”.

While the latter, under the hands of its colonial master, settled instead for a politically-based, police-centric counterinsurgency against the guerillas. The former may be likened to water the latter to the fish who inhabit it. View all 3 comments. While he acknowledges the warfate of conventional military tactics in counterinsurgency, he focuses primarily on counterijsurgency to build an effective “political machine” capable of garnering the support of the people.


Couunterinsurgency in the Cold Revolutionary War.

Greenwood Publishing Group- History – pages. Mar 20, Teoh rated it it was counterindurgency. His strategy is divided into eight steps: Colleague Activities Find out about the intractable conflict-related work that others in the peace and conflict field are doing. His wisdom is highlighted by the historical references and aphorisms which help illustrate the fundamental concepts only to make them seemingly simple.

Galula’s waffare on counter-insurgency is in large part based on the experiences and lesson of years of French colonial warfare, most notably the work of Joseph-Simon Gallieni and Hubert Lyautey.

Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice

Weakness of the Counterinsurgent. Jan 14, Hadrian rated it really liked it Shelves: David Galula was a French military officer and scholar who was influential in developing the theory and practice of counterinsurgency warfare.

This book is, perhaps, the most definitive manual for an initiate in the subject of counterinsurgency. Selected pages Title Page. Thus, the objective of the conflict is the people. Galula’s theories, developed as an observer of the Chinese Revolution ofand coutnerinsurgency a participant in Coumterinsurgency counterinsurgency in Algeria,formed the basis for US counterinsurgency efforts in Vietnam.

This leaves the counterinsurgents with four options which are not mutually exclusive: This ensures that soldiers do not have to constantly relearn the cultural nuances of a local area.