Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at Contax T3 Film Camera User Manual. Bass. INTAY. Instruction manual • Bedienungsanleitung Contax T3 has been designed according to the basic The Contax T3 is a 35mm lens-shutter. Free instruction manuals and owners manuals in pdf for your products Film cameras Contax-T3.

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The bulb is totally overexposed and the rest of the room is slightly overexposed.

user manual for contax t3 | Photography Forums

Once focus is locked, you can then point the camera at whatever you want to meter from, half press the shutter to lock the meter reading in, reframe and shoot. I turn it on in the morning, I do my job on it for hrs a day in the same way as I have been since the day I got it out of the box. The reality is, just like the lens on the TC-1, this lens is not just as good as many of the lenses in by bigger-kit bag, its arguably better, at least objectively speaking.

Loads of lens contrast. Largely speaking cameras are cumbersome things that hang off you with little regard for your comfort.

In terms of size, the Contax T3 measures up very well. So perfect that my GR1s and Leica are collecting dusts on my shelf. I took a picture measuring in a rather dark room at a bright light bulb.

In short, if you can find a comfortable distance to lock the lens in manual focus it can be cintax very fast camera to shoot with. All is not lost though….

To access custom functions, the camera needs to be switched off. Shot almost straight into the sun with little veiling flare as an outcome. Surprisingly I think the Contax T3 handles at least as well as the T2 too.


It also has to be depressed to jnstruction back to program mode. Reply Hamish Gill October 22, at Reply nubizus June 19, at With the TC-1 there is a spot meter that allows exposure to be locked at a value independently from the action of half press to focus.

To switch to aperture priority mode the little button in the middle of the dial has to be depressed. Learn how your comment data is processed. The second thing I noticed is that flash photos at night are overall correctly exposed.

user manual for contax t3

For those who enjoy it the most, there are two ways you can throw a few pennies into the proverbial tip jar: Small is of course not the only specification for this hypothetical ideal carry everywhere camera, I also want it to be a good camera in many other ways. And inztruction be it largely in activity, that is exactly what the Contax T3 does too. It also has an ev range that goes right down to 1ev!!

If you have any photos you would like to share taken with it, feel free to add a link! But setting it 7b means that focusing has to be reset to auto manually. This is especially helped by the fact the screen on the top shows the distance the camera is locked to.

Contax T3 Instruction Manual

It has scratched the itch I wanted it to. Thanks Bellamy, as always, very happy! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

In short, opportunities for taking photos were limited, yet I still took a camera. Reply Hamish Gill June 19, at 9: I locked focus on Connie, took a reading off the sofa behind her, outside of the frame, locked it in with a half press, reframed and shot.


That said, the build quality definitely feels nicer than the Ricoh. Do you know anyone near by who could run a roll through it to test? Take the cost out of the equation, and actually it fits my specifications for a carry everywhere camera perfectly.

Shot with Portra at ei to let me point and shoot without t muddy shaddows. This will be giving my Ricoh GR1s a run for my time. By means of example, around the time I started making notes for this post, just after I bought the camera, we went out to the cinema one evening. Because it works flawlessly when I need it to, especially istruction the one thing I need it to work flawlessly at — taking snaps. Hi Hamish, I am wondering if the T3 is still your regular companion or if it has been replaced by something else.

Pin It on Pinterest. If you shoot like this a lot, or want to spend a day out shooting this way, the chosen manual focus distance can be locked mamual. This is done simply by holding the flash button until the mode starts blinking, pressing it again until the mode you want as default is selected, then leaving it for a few seconds until it stops blinking. Thanks Hamish, I got plenty of photos on my blog: Settings go from 1sec — sec. If you are a mid roll changer like I am sometimesor you develop your own film, CF1b is for you since it leaves the leader hanging out.

Reply Hamish Gill August 30, at 9: This certainly seems to be the consensus anyway.